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Phone or Fax (866) 652-7789
Send the following to us within 5 days of online entry. 
• ORIGINAL Registration Certificate or Passport 
• Completed transfer documentation for the all registries. 
• Copy of Coggins - Within 12 months of auction closing. 
  Florida and Canada require 6 months.  
• Pregnancy Exam if applicable.

18 Days from Listed to SOLD in 2017. 
That's the average time from the date a horse or pony was listed to the date it was SOLD.
What it Costs...
Entry Fee $159
Plus 8% Commission if Sold. 
Commission is not charged if your entry is NOT sold
Quantity Discounts available!
Call (866) 652-7789
June Auction

Dressage - Hunters - Jumpers - Eventers
for Sport Horses & Ponies
Bidding Opens May 31
Bidding Closes June 7

51% Completed Sales in 2017
Earlybird Entry Discount
$99 Entry Fee - Offer Ends May 17, 2018
Discount Code - earlybird 
The discount code is case sensitive - all lower case, no spaces. 
Be sure to click the text link “APPLY DISCOUNT” to activate the discount.